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Maska International Customs Broker has some exciting news to share: CBSA launches CARM internally

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Dear Trade Chain Partners,

Maska International Customs Broker is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of trade operations in Canada. In today’s email, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced that it has officially launched the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) system internally. This marks a pivotal step towards CARM becoming the official system of record that importers and other trade chain partners will rely on for years to come.


We extend our deepest gratitude to all our esteemed industry partners who have been integral to the success of this project from its inception. Your unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts have been instrumental in reaching this momentous occasion. With over 81,000 clients already registered on the CARM Client Portal and substantial progress in testing and certifying Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Program Interface (API) participants, together, we have achieved remarkable milestones.

While many of you were prepared for the May 13th implementation, the CBSA’s decision to delay the external launch until October 2024 was made to address concerns regarding potential labor disruptions and to ensure adequate support for a successful external launch. CBSA employees are the backbone of the Agency, and their availability is critical to supporting both each other and all trade chain partners during the external launch of CARM.

Furthermore, the link between CARM and the Canada Revenue Agency necessitates aligning with the next scheduled window for a major IT change, which is in October 2024.

As the implementation of CARM continues to evolve, so too will the engagement between the Agency and all trade chain partners. We view this transitional period leading up to the external launch in October as an opportunity for renewed focus and collaboration.

Maska International Customs Broker is dedicated to revitalizing the way we engage with you, with forward-looking objectives, and will be reaching out in the coming weeks to discuss next steps. Our focus during this period will include providing consultation, clarity and direction on key topics such as Release Prior to Payment (RPP), written security agreements, transitional measures regarding the use of the business number (BN), and contingency planning. Additionally, CBSA’s efforts to raise awareness and onboard more small to medium businesses onto CARM will continue unabated. Please check the full list of our services and get in touch with us if you need any clarification or a full scale consultation.

Lastly, we draw your attention to Customs Notice 24-18, which outlines interim processes such as obtaining an importer/exporter (RM) number. This notice provides comprehensive guidance on navigating interim measures effectively during this period of change.

Maska International Customs Broker’s team sincerely thanks you for your collaboration and engagement over the years, and we eagerly anticipate working with you towards a successful external launch of CARM in October 2024.

Warm regards,

[Maska International]

CARM – GCRA Update

Important Update

Maska International Customs Broker is pleased to inform our valued clients about the upcoming implementation of the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) new Customs Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) system. As of May 13th, 2024, CARM will be launched internally at the CBSA, with a full rollout for trade chain partners, including importers and exporters, scheduled for October 2024.

What is CARM?

CARM represents a significant modernization of the Canadian customs clearance process. This digital initiative aims to streamline import and export procedures, leading to faster release times, improved compliance, and reduced administrative burdens for businesses like yours.

Benefits of CARM for Importers and Exporters:

Reduced Clearance Times: CARM leverages automation and advanced technology to expedite the processing of customs documentation. This translates to faster release of your goods, minimizing delays and disruptions to your supply chain.
Enhanced Compliance: CARM’s features will assist in ensuring your shipments comply with all import/export regulations. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of penalties or delays due to errors or inconsistencies.
Minimized Duty Costs: A key focus of CARM is accurate duty assessment. Maska International, alongside the new system, can help ensure your goods are classified correctly, potentially leading to reduced duty payments.

How Maska International Can Help You Prepare for CARM:

At Maska International, we are closely monitoring the CARM rollout and its implications for our clients. We are committed to providing you with the necessary support to navigate this transition smoothly.

Here’s what we can offer:

CARM Updates: We will keep you informed of the latest developments regarding CARM’s implementation.
Compliance Review: We can review your current import/export practices to ensure they align with the requirements of CARM.
Technology Solutions: We can help you integrate your systems with CARM for a more efficient workflow.

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

The upcoming launch of CARM presents an opportunity to optimize your customs clearance processes. Partner with Maska International to ensure a smooth transition and take advantage of the benefits this new system offers.

For any questions or to discuss your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced customs brokers.

Maska International – Your Trusted Partner in Canadian Customs Clearance

Misa à jour importante

Courtier en douane Maska International voudrait vous informer qu’à partir du 13 mai 2024, le GCRA sera lancé seulement à l’interne à l’ASFC, et un déploiement complet à l’intention des partenaires de la chaîne commerciale, y compris les importateurs et les exportateurs, est prévu pour octobre 2024.

Qu’est-ce que le GCRA?

Le GCRA représente une modernisation importante du processus de dédouanement canadien. Cette initiative numérique vise à simplifier les procédures d’importation et d’exportation, ce qui se traduira par la diminution des délais de dédouanement, une conformité accrue et une réduction des formalités administratives pour vôtre entreprise.

Avantages du GCRA pour les importateurs et les exportateurs:

Délais de dédouanement réduits: Le GCRA tire parti de l’automatisation et de technologies de pointe pour accélérer le traitement des documents douaniers. Donc, main-levée plus rapide pour minimiser les retards et les perturbations dans votre chaîne d’approvisionnement.
Conformité accrue: GCRA permettera de vous assurer que vos expéditions respectent toutes les réglementations. Cette approche  minimisera le risque de pénalités et retards dus aux erreurs et incohérences.
Coûts de droits minimisés: L’évaluation exacte des droits est un élément clé du GCRA. Maska International, de concert avec le nouveau système, vous aidera à garantir que vos marchandises sont classées correctement, ce qui pourrait entraîner une réduction des droits de douane.

Comment nous pouvons vous aider à vous préparer au GCRA:

Nous suivons de près le déploiement du GCRA et ses implications pour nos clients. Nous nous engageons à vous fournir le soutien nécessaire pour que vous puissiez effectuer cette transition en douceur.

Voici ce que nous pouvons vous offrir:

Mises à jour: Nous vous tiendrons informés des derniers développements concernant la mise en œuvre du GCRA.
Examen de la conformité: Nous pouvons examiner vos pratiques actuelles d’importation et d’exportation afin de nous assurer qu’elles correspondent aux exigences du GCRA.
Solutions technologiques: Nous vous aiderons à intégrer vos systèmes au GCRA pour un flux de travail plus efficace.

Gardez une longueur d’avance:

Le lancement du GCRA est une occasion d’optimiser vos processus de dédouanement. Associez-vous à Maska International pour assurer une transition en douceur et profiter des avantages qu’offre ce nouveau système.

Pour toute question ou pour une consultation, communiquez avec notre équipe  expérimentée.

Maska International – Votre partenaire de confiance en matière de dédouanement au Canada

CARM: The new way to assess and pay duties and taxes on imported commercial goods

Government of Canada CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management digital initiative

CARM: The new way to assess and pay duties and taxes on imported commercial goods

The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) digital initiative is changing how CBSA assesses and collects duties and taxes on commercial goods imported into Canada.

On , CARM will become the official system of record that importers and other trade chain partners will use to pay duties and taxes.

CARM is here now. Register today. Don’t delay.

Making sure your business is ready for , is easy:

Customs bonded warehouse licensees need to submit a warehouse inventory. Confirm how you will submit this information by More for customs bonded warehouse licensees

Importers should register their businesses and delegate authority to their customs broker in CARM now. More for importers

Customs brokers should continue working with importers to ensure they are registered and have delegated the necessary access. More for customs brokers

Trade consultant, financial security providers, or other trade chain partners can find out what they can do to get started with CARM.

Registration and learning resources

Attend the webinars and registration events: Learn about CARM and how to prepare for Release 2

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